My Developer Story (Lite)

Hi there!, my name is Surya Akhri Ramadhan, call me Surya,
i working as Front-End Developer, i like make some Data into a simple View.

If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything.

What I Learn

I like learning something new, i love to experiment with anything that i think it's interesting.





Vanilla JS




I'am just regular people with some passion in IT!
I grow up in small city with big family,
i have many friend that love computer, and without realizing it, i just got influenced with this big world.


Why Me

You can count on me


Honest and Dependable

Honest people you will ever come across, 


Always Improving

Love to learn something new or old one with different way



Enjoy to be a Developer

A good programmer looks bothways before crossing a one-way street.

IT Career

My story at some company

April 2018

PT. Intersolusi Teknologi Asia (BTS.ID)

Working as Front-End Developer.
PT Intersolusi Teknologi Asia also known as Bridge Technology Services.
Assigned for design and developing some internal and confidential project, working on small and big team. The project itself have different purpose like reporting, reservation room, recruiter online, e-commerce designing using Angular or ReactJs. In most case i responsible for development, deploy and manage the app. Some app i use in this company: SVN for managing Document, Ticket, Test Case, Release Notes and others. Git for Code sharing and Versioning. NodeJs and it's dependency for Deploying.

January 2017


Working as Front-End Developer.
PT. Indismart Kreatif Idea is a member of Smart City Community and Innovation Center - Intitut Teknologi Bandung.
Assigned to design and develop the system and device internet of thing (IOT) for street lighting. Work in small team to develop Internet of Things(IoT) Product. Designing Web Dashboard that can monitor and controling device using AngularJS.

March 2016


Working as PHP Programer.
PT. Swamedia is working in wide variety business applications such as Telecommunication System, Management Report System, Electrical System, Key Performance Indicator ( KPI ) System and Event Organizer.
Assigned to developing Web App for e-commerce, known as TDA Mart using PHP and Code Igniter.

June 2015


Working as Web Developer.
Terralogiq is a Tech Company and Google Cloud Partner that provides Geospatial, Location Intelligence and Mobility Solutions in Indonesia.
Responsible developing Denpasar Smartcity(Demo version), Website for displaying location on map with border and POI (Point Of Interest), using JQuery and PHP.

Other Thing(s)

Being a developer is not stressing at all (John)

Additional skill

As you know that almost in every web project that require Database, API, Server and other stuff. And if not on company i have troubled to find a partner, then this skill is have more valuable than i know.

Back-End (NodeJs, Express)


Database (MongoDb, MySQL)


Server (DNS Management, NGINX)